I know that this is not in any way corgi related, however I need your help! Please watch and read. This is a video my partner and I made for a contest.


Hey friends!

My partner, Adam, and I made a wee silly short film for a video contest called Heart Your Parts. The campaign is all about sexual health and sex positivity. Our video was selected by the judges as one of 5 films and now we need your help to win. Please watch our video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DJEeXEVnbOc. Have a laugh, fill your heart, and then ‘Like’ our video. Also, check out the other videos and learn more about this great campaign at:  http://www.cfsh.ca/HeartYourParts/HPBlog/

Please share and spread the word! We’d be so happy! <3 Thank you!

Owen & Adam

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